Do you have all the pieces to retire?

The conversation about retirement brings a lot of different topics for discussion; it also brings about the controversy over many myths surrounding retirement planning.  It is not uncommon for me as a Retirement Income Specialist to see these financial “myths” scare retirees away or put off planning for their future.

I am here to tell you that while these myths make planning for retirement seem daunting, it is not as complex as it seems!  Having a well thought out financial plan will indeed make things less stressful and less confusing when retirement draws near.  There are a lot of pieces that go into planning for retirement and understanding each piece will help you put together the whole puzzle.  Annuities are often the most misunderstood and therefore overlooked piece, but they can play a vital role in your planning. illustrates this role perfectly when it makes the comparison that “annuities work exactly like a company pension or your Social Security benefits.” Take a look at annuities if you feel you’re missing that last piece of the retirement puzzle.

I have over three decades of experience working in the financial industry and would be delighted to guide you and clear up any misunderstandings about your retirement that you may have. If you are nearing or planning for retirement, don’t let the financial “myths” lead you astray.

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