Warren Elkin prides himself on protecting and helping everyday working-class people.

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He believes in good old-fashioned values of integrity, hard work and loyalty.

When you call Warren, you talk to Warren. You won’t be pushed off to someone’s assistant.

His outside-the-box solutions have been helping men and women in and nearing retirement for decades.

Don’t take his word for it; listen to what his clients are saying:

“I was frustrated with investment advisors because after the sale was completed I would never hear from them again. Warren Elkin is different. He calls me frequently and is available five days a week to answer my questions and address my concerns. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an investment advisor they can reach and trust.”

- Father B Rogan

“My wife and I had our IRA’s in a variable annuity that offered us no guarantees on principal or interest. Warren Elkin put us into an annuity where we had five options that are 100% guaranteed for both principal and interest.”

- B. Meepos | Attorney

“When you need to make a decision about your investments and you can’t afford to make a mistake, Warren Elkin is the right choice. He helped me and my wife navigate all the products on the market today to build a retirement strategy that will pay off for years to come. I highly recommend Warren Elkin and his services.”

- Wayne and Sharon Wilson

“During the 18 months we have worked with Warren Elkin, my husband had a heart attack and I suffered a stroke. We depended greatly on the income he set up for us and we were able to pay our bills from what he set up until we could both get back to work. Warren was there for us when we needed him, he will be there for you too.”

- Shirley and Bob Brokus

“When my husband passed away, he always managed the finances, and I was completely, hopelessly lost. Warren Elkin reviewed my finances, showed me how to read statements, and very patiently and thoroughly guided me through some investment strategies that allow me to live in comfort with no worries about running out of money.”

- B. Leaf

“I couldn’t believe that I also got a bonus upon investing my money. I was so relieved to know that my money was safe and working for me as my wife and I looked for a new job.”

- R. Swanson

“He is a gentleman, and he is very easy to talk to. He puts things in a way that everyone can understand. Keep doing such a great job.”

- M. Cissman

“I have such terrific peace of mind after making my investments with Warren Elkin. Not only does he keep me updated on my money, but he has taken away the worry I have for my financial future and I know my wife will be taken care of and what is left after we pass on will go to our children.”

- J. Kozikowski

“Warren Elkin reviewed my finances, showed me how to read statements and very patiently guided me through some investment strategies that allow me to live in comfort with no worries about running out of money.”

- E. Heineman

“In working with Warren Elkin in the financial world, I have found him to be very professional – a person who conducts himself in a very cordial and business like manner when communicating with clients. Warren is pleasant, conscientious, respectful and very thorough along with taking his time to explain the ‘situation’ at hand. Additionally and most impressive is that he is a very dedicated ‘family’ man.”

- C. Wollman

“Thank god for people like you.”

- G. Lindsey