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Retirees are struggling. With Memorial Day only a weeks away, there is a certain buzz in the air of couples looking forward to a date night away from daily responsibilities.  The holiday forces busy people to carve out alone time to go to that new restaurant, to try a new recipe, or just to have time away from the kids.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients look forward to retirement for much the same reasons, a time to finally be together.  Quality of life in retirement will improve significantly once routine stresses have been eliminated, right?

Unfortunately, according to NPR, one third of new retirees say their finances are worse than before they retired.  That doesn’t make for a blissful second honeymoon phase, does it?  Money troubles can start to wear on a couple in retirement, which is why meeting with a financial planner is so crucial.  Set up a time to meet with me today to keep your finances, and maybe even your romance, alive.

It makes sense that retirement would be an adjustment for couples who have spent decades having their own separate space.  Here are a few common reasons for domestic friction during retirement:

  • Men and women alike might define themselves by their career, so ending the job routine can be hard on someone’s sense of self.  With one or more parties feeling lost, the relationship can endure a rift.
  • Let’s say a man has worked outside of the house for as long as he can remember while he his wife has carved out her own daily routine.  Now that the husband is home, it can disrupt his wife’s schedule and cause some resentment.
  • Everyone has their own vision of retirement life, and if you don’t discuss and plan that dream together then you’ll both be left disgruntled when the reality isn’t what you had imagined.

Most, if not all, of these common spousal retirement arguments can be solved with good communication.  Recognize that while planning retirement should be a joint effort, you do not need to spend every waking moment together once you reach it.  Still be sure have your own activities, friends and space so that those special moments together continue to feel special.  Spending so many Valentine’s Days together is a monumental achievement, but be sure to save your romance by giving yourself a strong financial foundation for your retirement; meet with me early on to nip these money troubles in the bud.

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