Retirement Rumors

SecretsI’ve recently been privy to conversations with friends and colleagues over the ramifications of having revealed the heartbreaking truth about Santa Claus to their children or grandchildren over the holidays.  The myth that a jolly old man in a red suit shimmies his way down the chimney bearing gifts for those who have behaved well all year was instantly shattered by parental confessions.  However, those who think only children believe in fictitious legends are very much mistaken.  In fact, I have many clients who believe in rumors about retirement with equal vigor; it’s my job to debunk these financial untruths, as there’s much more at stake here than a couple of reindeer and a bountiful sleigh.

While you can choose what age you’d like to retire, those who believe they can claim their Social Security early and still get all of their benefits later are mistaken.  When you claim early, your benefits will be 25 percent less than if you had waited until retirement age and even up to 80 percent less than if you held off until age 70.  Of course, unforeseen events such as an illness can cause families to take this course of action, but the decision should not be taken lightly.

Don’t rely on being able to work longer or part-time during retirement, you will regret it later.  We all have the optimistic hope that we’ll work as long as we please, but the reality is you cannot predict your own health and work circumstances.  Taking big risks with your investments as you age can hurt your savings, and a backup plan to just keep working is not a sure safety net.

Just because your kids are grown does not mean your expenses will decrease, and thinking that you will need less income during retirement is a common misconception.  You want retirement to be a happy time of life, and failing to accurately budget can result in very stressful decisions for both you and your loved ones.

The key to retirement is planning for your own future and ignoring the popular myths perpetuated by rumors.  It’s important to meet with me, Warren Elkin, in order to sift through the gossip and find out the truth.  Have you bought into the myth that you can withdraw 4-5% of your portfolio because you are going to make 8-9% and, if so, would you like to know how long the amount you are withdrawing is sustainable?  Just like not believing in Santa Claus doesn’t make the holidays any less joyous, knowing the realities about retirement will make that time of life a special and happy one.

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