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www.ehstoday.comAs another year gets off to a fast start, I have many clients and friends alike who have become nostalgic for the past and tend to reminisce about where the time has gone. Their once full houses are either devoid of children, brimming with new grandchildren, or still house a few adult children transitioning into their own independent lives. In all of these cases, I understand the tendency to look backward and reflect; but I also try to relate the importance of looking toward the future. I want the Baby Boomer generation to be sure to focus on their present financial habits in order to plan for the best retirement they can.

I’ve listed some helpful tips to get the conversation started, but for more information and insight don’t hesitate to set up a time to speak with me by calling 877-476-5051. For the moment, let these act as some guiding principles of retirement planning:

Decide what age you want to retire at. Many clients picture their first day of retirement as a time far down the road that is not worth the time and effort to even start thinking about now. Simply put, retirement can start early if you plan accordingly. Not only would you be able to travel or pursue lifelong dreams, you’d also be safeguarding yourself against unplanned health concerns or unforeseen job troubles down the line. Be aware, according to a report by The NTAR Leadership Center, over 50% of those job seekers aged 55 and up have spent 27 or more weeks looking for work; their younger counterparts in that same duration only total 40%.

Update your portfolio if need be. When it comes to your retirement, don’t just stick with the plan you made ages ago. The market is forever in flux, and it takes constant attention and care to make rsure you’re getting the most out of your portfolio. As time goes on, you need to reassess the risks within your portfolio since you increasingly have less potential recovery time. It’s imperative to find the right balance between aggressive and conservative risk taking, and you want your money to grow at a steady pace.

Despite being a potentially difficult task, get your estate planning in order. Often when clients consider planning their will, it causes an emotional challenge that they would rather just avoid. Remember that caring for your loved ones does not mean you are leaving them tomorrow, just that you are being a responsible planner. While the Fiscal Cliff deal left the estate tax exemption at $5 million, those underneath that threshold should still make the proper preparations. Your beneficiaries are important to you, so make sure to get the support of your family and friends to accomplish the estate planning.

These pieces of advice are simply to get you thinking about your future with as much fondness as you look toward your past. I assure you, breaking out those old photo albums will be much more pleasant when you have the peace of mind that you and your family are taken care of for years to come. Do you have a process to filter out all the myths, misconceptions and even incorrect information that you may have received to make sure any major financial decision is made in your best interest?

Make sure you have all the facts necessary to make the right decision with your financial future by calling us today! Speak with us now at 877-476-5051, email Warren at, or go to to learn more about Warren Elkin and his unique process to make sure your financial decisions are made in your best interest.

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