Low savings? No problem, retirement is still possible!

Will I ever have enough to retire? Will I outlive my savings? How can I catch up if I haven’t been saving? As a Financial Advisor, these are questions I often hear when meeting with new clients, and it is my job to help my clients plan and prepare for their future retirement.

In general, my clients usually fall into two major categories, early-bird planners or fashionably late planners.  One situation is not necessarily better than the other, there is just a different strategy depending on your financial situation.  When my clients come to me early in their career, it gives us more time to layout a long-term strategy of investing and saving for when retirement does come. But just because you don’t have a large savings built up does not mean you can’t enjoy retirement; it simply means you must plan differently.

Planning for retirement may seem like a daunting task that is far off in the distance, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you seem to be hitting roadblocks, give me a call and let’s make sure you have all the facts necessary to make the right decision with your financial future. Speak with us now at 877-476-5051 or email Warren at warren@warrenelkin.com.

Some professional guidance will help make sure you have all the facts necessary to make correct decisions when designing your specific retirement plan. For more information about our company visit www.warrenelkin.com and learn all about our unique processes that help make sure your financial decisions are made in your best interest.

Have a great day,
Warren Elkin


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