Diversify Your Retirement Plan and Achieve Success

How do you define someone as having a successful life?  Better yet, how does one achieve a life of success? It’s a loaded question, I know.  However, with so many possible answers, there is a single theory at its very core…diversification.

Ultimately, a successful life can be achieved by financial stability and a comfortable home life, which leads into an enjoyable retirement.  To get here, one needs to have strategies in place that are creative enough to achieve whatever your definition of success may be.  The more diversified your funds and retirement plans are, the happier you will be in the long run. For example, a retiree is better having their money work for them in multiple, successful ways rather than putting their nest egg completely in one basket.  The potential for success is higher when multiple opportunities to reach this success are presented.

Often, my clients come to me with questions and concerns about the stock market thinking that this unpredictable platform is the only way to invest their money.  The truth is, there are a handful of valuable outlets and strategies you can use when preparing for your future.  In fact, financial expert Walter Updegrave stated in a CNN Money article that the addition of annuities in your financial plan “could provide lifetime income regardless of how your investments perform.”  What is a more successfully diverse plan than this? Don’t limit your money; spread it to various outlets where it can help increase your overall returns and lead you into a comfortable retirement.

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Image courtesy of:  http://dyingrich.blogspot.com/2010/10/retirement-planning-mistakes-to-avoid.html