Plan For Tax Season and Avoid The Mess

Tax season is upon us and I can already see the stress that is overcoming many of my clients.  With only a month left to get your taxes taken care of, I continue to hear all sorts of questions.  Will I receive the amount on my tax returns that I am anticipating?  What should I do with my refund?  What are stealth taxes?  These are important questions that come about every year during this season.  Just like retirement planning, it’s important to have a plan for your taxes and to make sure you’re asking the right questions.

Adam Spiegel, a Miami-based certified public accountant and partner with Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra summed tax planning up with a very simple acronym, PLAN.

P stands for ‘prepare your records ahead of time.’

L stands for ‘list your issues and questions.’

A stands for ‘analyze your financial statements for accuracy.’

N stands for ‘note the changes in laws during the year and discuss them with your tax advisor.’
As a Retirement Income Specialist, planning and preparation are at the root of all of my clients’ strategies.  In this field of work, the better prepared you are, the more educated your decisions can be about future finances and investments.  Before you begin completing your taxes, complete a consultation with me, Warren Elkin, and get your finances in line so you’re ready for your CPA.  Don’t be a victim to the mistakes that many people make during tax season; learn what questions to ask your CPA to cut your taxes now and avoid tax problems in your future.

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Dream Big for Retirement

elkin_dreamretirementLast week I discussed how misinformation keeps many retirees from getting the most out of retirement.  This week, I want you to stop thinking negative thoughts about your future and start designing the retirement of your dreams.  Don’t buy into the myth that you’re sure to outlive your money: start thinking positively and take the necessary measures to place yourself in an ideal position once retirement arrives.  Being proactive about your future is important and can even be downright fun; to start planning, set up a consultation with me by calling 877-476-5051.

Meeting with me, Warren Elkin, is the right place to begin the journey but it shouldn’t end there.  Money may be at the root of retirement, but the monetary aspects are hollow without spending it wisely.  First, think about surrounding yourself with friends and family that will keep you physically and mentally healthy.  Retirement is not a solitary existence, so if you’d like to be closer to loved ones start looking for real estate developments as soon as possible.

When you were younger, your dreams may have been put on hold due to a mortgage or children’s college tuition; take retirement as your time to finally spend the way you’d like!   You’ve worked hard, so feel free to spoil yourself and get on the list for that fancy car, or sign up for a membership at that golf club you never thought you could afford.  If you’ve always wanted to travel, start looking into trip options and narrow down where you’ll go and who you will be taking with you.

Your ideal retirement is out there, so plan wisely and get creative!  Don’t get bogged down in the nitty gritty pessimistic thoughts about the future, let these years be the best of your life!

Our unique review process may help you find the money falling through the cracks in your tax and investment planning to pay for some of those dreams. Make sure you have all the facts necessary to make the right decision with your financial future by calling us today! Speak with us now at 877-476-5051, email Warren at, or go to to learn more about Warren Elkin and his unique process to make sure your financial decisions are made in your best interest.

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