Worried about Retirement? No Pension? Generate Guaranteed Income through an Annuity

The changes in corporate America, even before the economic downturn 2008, pointed to a time when fewer retirees would have a company pension to rely on.

Today, workers must rely on funding their own retirement accounts, hoping that cash-strapped employers will match such contributions in the 401(k) right up to the door leading to retirement.

For many investors, the fear of not having a stable, income-producing retirement portfolio can be palpable, but not without hope: Capturing a guaranteed income stream, even in down markets, is possible through an annuity and a very viable source for retirement income.

“How to create your own pension plan,” an article on Inc.com, offers the investors a guidepost on as to why the annuity is a much-needed anchor in today’s retirement portfolio: Young, old or already reaching retirement, readers can benefit from his overview.

Why an annuity is not like your 401(k)

Many workers contribute monthly to their company’s defined contribution retirement plan, which can be a Roth IRA or the 401(k).  Money invested in within these accounts are not a source of guaranteed income. But purchasing an annuity becomes a contract with the insurance company to pay you a given amount—regardless of how long you live!

Annuities mirror pensions in many ways

The main takeaway in making this comparison is knowing you can rely on this insurance product to payout a minimum guarantee, an income stream that keeps on paying in the worst of times…much like a pension would do.

For sure, an annuity is a welcomed option in today’s post financial crisis